Conect MIOIO-AppInventor to Android

Let's go step by step so you do not miss out following the most basic example.
In our first application example we will make the minimum connections of the MIOIO-AppInventor card, and in the second part we will make a program for Android device in order to turn the STATUS LED on the card on and off.

  1. The first thing you have to do is gather the materials you are going to use.
  • MIOIO-AppInventor card.
  • USB bluetooth.
  • A power supply that is between 6v and 10v maximum. A 7.4v LIPO battery would be a good choice..
  • And of course, an Android device that has bluetooth.
  1. Now, what we are going to do is connect the power supply (Battery) to the development board, always respecting the polarity, + (positive) with the red cable of the battery holder, and - (negative) with the black cable of the Battery holders It would have to turn on a red led and a green led.


  1. If you have arrived here, we can continue.
    What we are going to do now, is verify that the Bluetooth USB device is compatible with the card. To do this, simply connect it to the card and at the same time observe that the blue light, next to the red one, flashes for a moment (in case of not seeing it you can disconnect the power and reconnect it to start again).


  1. The next step will be to synchronize the MIOIO card with the bluetooth usb connected and running, with our Android device.
    To do this, we now have to focus on the Android device.
    a. Go to Settings
    b. Connect the Android bluetooth and then have the Android device find or detect a new device with the name IOIO.
    c. We will press on that device and when it asks for the cable we will put it: 4545.There it is, that is all. If you've got here, you're on the right path.


  1. Okay, to make sure everything's fine, we're going to download an app so we can see if it really works.
    Click on the following link to download the application: MIOIO-LED(It is recommended to do so from the Android device to be downloaded directly to the device).
    We installed it, we run it, and with the card turned on, it should connect to it.
    From this application we can turn the STATUS LED on or off.