AI2-MIOIO Example Blocks

The following are some examples to start using the MIOIO-AppInventor card with the MIOIO-App Inventor 2 development environment.

Salida Digital MIOIO

  • Digital Out Example.

    For this example we use:
    One block Button.
    And a MIOIOPinDigOut08 block, since we will connect a led in the PIN 8 of the MIOIO to see how it changes state.ejemplo-pin-out-appinventorejemplo-pin-out-appinventor-0


  • Analog In Example.

    For this example we use:
    A Clock Sensor block, for sampling the signal.
    A text label block, to show the result obtained.
    And a MIOIOPinAnalog46 block, which is where we will connect the sensor to the MIOIO card.ejemplo-analog-appinventor-11ejemplo-analog-appinventor1


  • PWM Out Example.

    For this example we use:
    A slider block, which will control the time that will be high level the PIN that we select in the MIOIO.
    And the block MIOIOPinPWM45, to which we will connect a led to see how the luminosity varies according to the position of the slider.ejemplo-pwm-appinventor-01ejemplo-pwm-appinventor-1


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