Mioio App Inventor 2


MIOIO App Inventor 2 is an App Inventor based platform from Google Labs to create software applications for the Android operating system with the quality of including connection with the MIOIO development card.

Applications are created visually and from a set of basic tools, the user can go linking a series of blocks to create the application.
Applications from App Inventor are limited by their simplicity, although they cover a large number of basic needs on a mobile device.

With MIOIO App Inventor 2, you can create applications that allow the control of the MIOIO card in a very fast and intuitive way. By allowing the use of the possibilities of the Android device next to the inputs and outputs of the development board gives endless possibilities of creating applications, from a motion detector alarm that takes a photo, to a robot that navigates in a way Autonomous and communicate with social networks.


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