We bring an android development card so your applications can go abroad, the idea is that you can control from your Android mobile devices like servomotors, sensors and others.

Have you ever thought about programming only on android to have your own mobile phone accessories? Now you can.

To control the card you only need to make an application for your Android device.
You have two ways to do this:


  1. Use our MIOIO - AppInventor 2
  2. Use the ECLIPSE development environment with Android plug-ins and IOIO libraries.


The MIOIO card (pronounced "Mioyo") is a development card for android compatible with the IOIO firmware, it could be a clone of the IOIO card, developed by Ytai, specially designed to work with ANDROID devices (OS version 1.5 or higher) . The card provides extensive and robust connectivity to devices with android via USB and is fully controllable from Android applications, simply using an intuitive and easy to use JAVA API No external or embedded programmer required!

The MIOIO contains an MCU that is able to interpret the Android App commands. In addition it can interact with peripherals such as Digital I / O, PWM, ADC, I2C, SPI, and UART. The control code for this interface is written in the same Android App with the help of a simple library, app-level library. This allows you to seamlessly integrate applications that use Bluetooth, touch screen, among others.


The card requires to be powered through VIN (4.5V-6VDC).

Note that you must enable USB debugging on your Android device to allow communication.

To start working with MIOIO, you need to download some software.

If you are a new Android developer APPS, you can use these resources:


To use MIOIO you do not need any additional hardware or modify the software on your Android device.

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