Eclipse Tutorials

Below is a series of tutorials to make it easier to learn the Android development card.

At the moment no reference will be made to how android program (for that there are already many websites). What I'm going to try to explain is how to use my development card.



  1. Configure Eclipse to work with mioio. - First steps to get started.
  2. Use of digital pins. - 1 and 0 at the inputs and outputs.
  3. Use of analog pins. - Measures voltages.
  4. Use of PWM outputs. - Generates pulse width modulation signals.
  5. Input pulse. - Mide el ancho de pulso y la frecuencia.Measure pulse width and frequency.
  6. UART. - Communicates with serial devices.
  7. SPI. - Controls SPI devices as SPI host.
  8. TWI (I2C). - Controls I²C and SMBus devices as host.
  9. Bluetooth. - Connect the MIOIO to your Android phone via Bluetooth.

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